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Medical Equipment at home

Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions.

Our team is highly competent to handle a range of services that require clinical expertise, hi-tech devices and complex multispecialty management. They are confident in providing specialty nursing care of patients who require invasive ventilator support, BIPAP/CPAP support, tracheostomy care, post-surgical care, stroke care, end of life care and more.

Medical equipment for home care

Home medical equipment is a category of devices used for patients whose care is being managed from a home or another private facility managed by a non-professional caregiver or family member. 

At Home

Getting medical equipment on rent or purchase at your doorstep has never been more convenient! During the difficult phases of life, you or your loved one might need to rely on various medical equipment to return to normal life. We offer a wide range of medical equipment for rent or purchase, making healthcare more accessible and affordable for you. 

Common medical equipment used at home includes:

  1. CPAP
  2. Suction apparatus
  3. Nebulizer
  4. Infusion pumps
  5. Oxygen concentrator

Infusion Pumps

What is an infusion pump used for?

Infusion pumps may be capable of delivering fluids in large or small amounts, and may be used to deliver nutrients or medications – such as insulin or other hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and pain relievers. Some infusion pumps are designed mainly for stationary use at a patient's bedside.

Why do we use fluid infusion pumps?

An infusion pump is a medical device that delivers fluids, such as nutrients and medications, into a patient's body in controlled amounts. 

Types of infusion pumps

There are many types of infusion pumps, including large volume, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA), elastomeric, syringe, enteral, and insulin pumps. Some are designed mainly for stationary use at a patient’s bedside. Others, called ambulatory infusion pumps, are designed to be portable or wearable.

As infusion pumps are frequently used to administer critical fluids, including high-risk medications, pump failures can have significant implications for patient safety. Many infusion pumps are equipped with safety features, such as alarms or other operator alerts that are intended to activate in the event of a problem.

Some pumps are designed to alert users when air or another blockage is detected in the tubing that delivers fluid to the patient. Some newer ‘smart pumps’ are designed to alert the user when there is a risk of an adverse drug interaction, or when the user sets the pump’s parameters outside of the specified safety limits.

How does an infusion pump work?

Small-volume pumps usually use a computer-controlled motor turning a screw that pushes the plunger on a syringe. The classic medical improvisation for an infusion pump is to place a blood pressure cuff around a bag of fluid. The pressure on the bag sets the infusion pressure.

How long does infusion therapy take?

It generally takes about 3 hours for the infusion to be completed. This estimate only includes the time that it takes for the medication to go into your body; it will take additional time to prepare supplies and medications and to place the IV catheter. If your body reacts to the infusion, it will take longer.

We offer

Respiratory care

Our exhaustive range of respiratory devices like advanced homecare ventilators, BiPAP, CPAP, oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter, nebulizer, suction apparatus etc. help people to regain well-being and good health. We provide the entire range of equipment required for an “ICU set-up at home,” making you feel at home.

Mobility care

Mobility care includes air mattresses, wide range of hospital beds, wheelchairs, mobility aids like walker, walking stick, etc. These help one to regain mobility after an injury or surgery and also assist elderly or other people in need with basic mobility.

Orthopedic & physio care

Post orthopedic surgeries like total knee replacement and total hip replacement, a patient requires a wide range of orthopedic and physiotherapy equipment, including CPM machine, lymphedema pump and DVT pump, thera -bands, knee brace, splints and orthosis and others.

Cardiac care

Our cardiac range of medical equipment includes ECG, multipara monitor, syringe pump, infusion pump, etc., which are important for people suffering from cardiac disease or complexities. Cardiac diagnostics are the key features of cardiac range, which include Holter monitoring, ambulatory BP monitoring and ECG.

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Patients Speak

Specialist at Home

Today I completed one month of my weight loss journey with nutritionist Priyanka Verma. It has been a very satisfying experience. I found Priyanka to be very knowledgable and helpful throughout my journey. I have regained confidence and now worry less about my weight issues.

Nikat Parveen

My Mother underwent a surgery & Dr. Suhasini (Physiotherapist) from CARE at HOME has been great in helping her emotionally & physically. Physiotherapy has been excellent, all thanks to the team. My mother has shown tremendous improvement in the past 2 months. I Would definitely recommend CARE at HOME services to others who are in need.

Uma Bhasker

I am taking the Care at Home services from the last 3 months. Home Health Aides Sowjanya and Kalyani takes care of me very nicely. They are empathetic to my needs and helped me to recover soon. Excellent service by Care at Home!!

Y V Ramana

I am a stroke patient. Off late I was unable to perform my daily activities. I have been taking the services of Care at Home for the past 4 months. Home Health Aide Kalyan is taking care of me meticulously, he understands my needs and assists me efficiently. I highly recommend Care at Home services.

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