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Nasogastric Tube feeding at Home

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Ryle's Tube Feeding at Home

What is nasogastric tube intubation?

When a patient can’t eat or swallow, they may need to have a nasogastric tube inserted. This process is known as nasogastric (NG) intubation. During NG intubation, a nurse will insert a thin plastic tube through your nostril, down your oesophagus, and into your stomach. Once this tube is in place, they can use it to give you food and medicine.

NG intubation is most common in conditions such as:

  • Neck or facial injuries
  • Neck or facial surgery
  • Mechanical ventilator for breathing
  • Intestinal obstruction or blockage
  • Comatose patients

Why choose CARE at HOME?

  • Qualified nurses who are trained in our hospital
  • Nurses are evaluated by specialists before field deployment
  • Affordable
  • In the comfort of your home
  • Avoid all cross infections

You can avail our services for Ryles tube insertion, removal and feeding.

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  • Book our service online or via our Call Centre at 04023303132.
  • Our executive will schedule an appointment.
  • The nurse will arrive at the stipulated time and deliver the service.

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Patients Speak

Specialist at Home

Today I completed one month of my weight loss journey with nutritionist Priyanka Verma. It has been a very satisfying experience. I found Priyanka to be very knowledgable and helpful throughout my journey. I have regained confidence and now worry less about my weight issues.

Nikat Parveen

My Mother underwent a surgery & Dr. Suhasini (Physiotherapist) from CARE at HOME has been great in helping her emotionally & physically. Physiotherapy has been excellent, all thanks to the team. My mother has shown tremendous improvement in the past 2 months. I Would definitely recommend CARE at HOME services to others who are in need.

Uma Bhasker

I am taking the Care at Home services from the last 3 months. Home Health Aides Sowjanya and Kalyani takes care of me very nicely. They are empathetic to my needs and helped me to recover soon. Excellent service by Care at Home!!

Y V Ramana

I am a stroke patient. Off late I was unable to perform my daily activities. I have been taking the services of Care at Home for the past 4 months. Home Health Aide Kalyan is taking care of me meticulously, he understands my needs and assists me efficiently. I highly recommend Care at Home services.

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